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There are several ways that you can help make the Clear Thinking quote database even better for all. We greatly appreciate your help in any or all of these ways. If you've got other ideas or want to discuss with us directly, please email and we'll quickly contact you back to discuss.Thanks, Bruce Verduyn

1If you read in the area of science/faith/reason and can find quotes that intersect these areas that you think would be a useful addition to the database, please go to the 'Add a quote' tab to enter the relevant information so that we can vet and add the quote for others to benefit from (we credit the top 5 contributers).

2 If you think you have a sufficient background in science/faith/reason and can donate some time to helping with the quotes, send us an email at

3Please comb through your address book and send a group email letting those that would be interested know about and it's huge, free database of science / faith / reason quotes.

4 If you've got another way you'd like to help with the database, we've got a large variety of things, from social media promotion to reading technical books/articles for quotes, to making phone calls, to helping with some graphic design efforts (and more).

5If you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation (one time or monthly) click here.