I’m new to this area of learning. Where do I start?

Great question. We know that what you believe about the intersection of science/faith/reason affects your view on literally everything else in your life. What better way to get to the truth of these important topics than to hear directly from hundreds of experts (most with PhDs) on these specific topics! For those that are new to thinking about these things, seeing what quotes are available in 'Find a Quote' then 'Quick Search' is a great place to start. For those that want to see the 700+ topics that we cover, going to 'Find a Quote' then 'Advanced Search' will allow you to search by topic, keyword, and/or author. You can the exact topics and authors that you're interested in and link directly to the resources that these quotes come from to dive even deeper. ClearThinking is honored to be a part of your newly found journey in seeking answers to the biggest questions in life.

What are some ways these quotes can be used in a real, tangible, life application?

Hopefully, in our interaction with others, we often have conversations that touch on our worldview (how we interpret reality and the world around us). As we do this, our concept of the interaction between science, faith, and reason greatly affect that worldview. The quotes in the ClearThinking database are from hundreds of leading authorities on the issues that affect worldview and can help you better decide what worldview best corresponds with the true reality we all experience. ClearThinking quotes can be used in a variety of ways: personal study, conversations with others (from atheists to theists), papers, books, sermons, speaches, lessons, and research.

Who should use the quote database?

This quote database is for those who are skeptical, religious, atheist, agnostic, or anywhere in between. As long as you are curious about the answers to all of the biggest questions in life (spoiler alert: Deep down, we all really want to make sense of reality.), these quotes are for you. Whether you do a 'Quick Search' or use 'Advanced Search', you're bound to find some of the most interesting quotes, by about 1,000 very qualified experts spanning several in the history of mankind (most of them still experts).

What is unique about this source for quotes?

There may be no other topic that is more foundational to how we see every object, circumstance, and person than how we think science, faith, and reason work with or against each other. This quote database is by far the largest quote database of it's kind. Not only are there thousands of quotes, many years of work has gone into making the quotes extremely searchable (by keyword, topic, author, etc.). The quotes are hand picked and reviewed by multiple people. The quotes have additional helpful commentary that further describes what can be said about the particular quote.

I would like to use some of these quotes for my school paper. How do I know your information is correct for me to cite?

ClearThinking quotes can be used in a variety of ways ranging from conversations with others (from atheists to theists), papers, books, sermons, speeches, instructional lessons and research. While we do our best to confirm the primary sources for as many quotes as possible, we encourage anyone that is using these quotes for formal purposes (book, research paper, etc.) to thoroughly confirm the quote’s primary source. We add Amazon links for the majority of the quotes that come from books to make it easy to order the book if you choose.

I really believe in what you're doing here. How can I help?

Many of you read in the area of the intersection of science/faith/reason are realizing you have some good quotes highlighted in those books or even keep track of some good relevant quotes by writing them down or in electronic form. If your quotes cover the intersection of these topics and seem to be something that fits with the flavor of what we're including, we would like to give you recognition for sharing it with the wider community. You can easily do that through the 'Add a Quote' button. Several users have gotten great satisfaction from contributing quotes in this way. There are several other ways to help. Please refer to the the ‘Get Involved’ page to see how you can become a part of Clear Thinking’s vision.

I speak/write/teach on this topic myself and think I've got some good quotes from some of my material. Can I suggest those?

We certainly welcome those who are authorities on any of the topics to contribute any quotes that they believe align with the types of quotes that we have at the intersection of science/faith/reason. Reading many quotes from the ClearThinking quote database first will give you the best feel for what types of quotes we include. All suggested quotes are carefully screened and a large variety of criteria are used to determine whether a particular quote meets the standard we are looking for in order to be included. If you write in these areas or know someone who does, this can be a good way to make your best, most on-target quotes known to others. We suggest you submit a few of your best at first in order to see whether they get accepted and to get a better feel for what types of quotes meet our criteria. This may help you better decide whether additional quote submissions would be likely to be accepted. We are more than willing to represent your material (if it fits with the criteria) and increase the public's awareness of you and your book/article/podcast/etc that the quote comes from. Please understand that there are a large number of quote suggestions that don't meet our criteria and we don't always have the resources to go into detail about the combination of reasons we accept/decline suggested quotes.